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The majority of my pieces are created from local trees that have succumbed to wind, disease, or urban expansion.  I derive a great amount of pleasure from making things of beauty out of material that was destined for the landfill or the fireplace.

I find working with wood analogous to working with people. Each piece of wood is unique, and quite frequently has a mind of itís own.   Itís sometimes a challenge to find and expose the inner beauty, but it is an enjoyable and rewarding process.

Growing up on a farm in Northern Illinois, raised by depression era parents, the idea of ever becoming an artist had never crossed my mind.  Now, after careers in fisheries biology and computer networking, I find myself a full time artist.  I took up woodturning in 1999 and it has since become my passion and my addiction.  I am the Secretary of the Bay Area Woodturners Association and a member of American Association of Woodturners as well as the World of Woodturners.